Who will read my blog?

Who will read my blogWell, it was a rhetorical question, but, seriously, who read blogs? It is my second experience as a blog-writer. First blog is buried somewhere under countless more popular search engine results.
What is different in this blog? Why I joined WordPress? Well, the answer lies in one short sentence, ‘I couldn’t bury my inner writer’. And here I am back, typing in here. I have heard a lot about WordPress. See, if I get any real readers here, but I will write anyway. I will write about what ever comes to my mind. I know what you are thinking. (Who cares what you write! You silly-head!) Well, I admit. Who cares! 😀
Well, it is my new born blog and I may share anything. From my business school lectures to even a recipe (No, not like ‘how to boil an egg’ )
One day…
World will use this blog as business encyclopedia! *HAHAHAHA*
No! I don’t think like that. I just write. 🙂



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