Village News- Today

villageIt is too cold this morning. Atish does not want to wake up, but who can sleep all day long?
She wakes up and make herself tea. Life could be so much boring sometimes. The same old routine. Waking up, taking tea and feeding the cattles.
Today is ‘super boring’! What is on tv? Routine news.
No can leave their houses today. The monster is out there ripping up anyone who comes out. Where this monster has come from? No one knows. Sometimes Atish doubt it is really 2014 A.D.
“When on earth will we have a good news in this village?” , she talks to one of her sheep, “Do you think this monster is real or just the ruler’s way to frighten villagers?”
Sheep do not think. They do not reply. So this one too, kept on eating its food. Atish takes out her laptop and starts writing.


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