Monster under the bed

I am Richie. I was 4 year old when I heard about monsters. I never question the existence of such creatures. My philosophy was simple. 

“Earth is a big place. We live here; They (Monsters) live here”. I delivered many speeches on the topic and by the age of 6 I had gathered a huge team of kids who converted and joined my school of thought.

I had a secret though. I was scared of a group of monsters, that according to seniors, lived under beds. I knew, every night the monster under my bed came out to scare the hell out of me. This fear was eating my courage. Then one day, I decided to take a brave step. I decided to wait for him and talk to him about all the mess he and his group members were creating on the Earth. I waited and waited. He did not come out that night and I couldn’t found the courage to look under the bed. I did not remember when I fell asleep. After that night it started to happen on and off. Whenever I decided to have a dialogue, he did not come. Tired of waiting one night I decided to visit him under the bed. I peaked and found him. A round fluffy body with balloon shaped orange head and red eyes, shivering. I busted out into laughter. He was very funny looking fella. 

” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA “, he screamed, “Do not come closer!”

“What happened?” I asked. For a while I had forgotten that I was the one who was supposed to be frightened.

” I knew it, I knew it”, he utter with fear, ” I knew humans were real”.


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