Village News- A Very Bad Morning

Hypoc monster is again in the village. Birds, birds are gone dear! No one likes to face this monster. Not even Atish.So, on hearing the roar she springs out of the bed, makes breakfast and here is she on her laptop writing her masterpiece. No one knows what this masterpiece is all about! Well, she doesn’t even fully know it. It comes to her from outer space. maybe.

What other people are doing in the vilage? Nothing new. Nothing exciting. People are going to their work as usual. House wives are at their 24/7 jobs like everyday. Some unemployed have not still accept failure so they are out on the job hunt. Some are not going to find the job until they start seeing their failure as a defeat on single battle. They have to fight many of such battles in their lives. Silly people! But it takes time to learn this. Children are going to school. In short, what this Hypoc doing in their village they do not really care. And that is what the power of this monster is. Lack of knowledge about the monster and carelessness. He is eating up their souls. Enjoying the main course, Conscience with Lie-salt and Anger-peppper. Yum yum! With the side dish of stir fried Greed.

Atish… She is scared. Scared about the village and off course about her future. Time will decide. Here, no Shah is ever going to help her. She is the one who will have to take any step.


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