Village News- Tea Time! (No news today)

As it is a morning news blog so there is no news today because I did not wake up early. My head is so heavy today. Couldn’t jot down a few words for my blog post. Who in the world would be interested in the start of my day? An ordinary girl from an ordinary village. However, I am writing it here as it is coming to my mind. See where it goes. So I woke up and I couldn’t believe it! I  woke up too late. In the afternoon! Sam has fed my cattle, I knew it. I woke up with only one thing in mind, ‘milk’,  

“Is there any milk in the kitchen for tea.” I asked Nooni.

I have given up coffee. It is more expensive than tea here. And these villagers…they think that only rich has the right to drink coffee. Maybe, that is why it is too costly here. So, in short, it was very hard at first, but now I  have switched my coffee drinking habit to tea drinking habit. Maybe, you can anticipate the toughness of efforts that would met my way from being coffee-holic to tea-holic.

I chose to train my mind and here is what I used to feed my mind daily.

Advantages of tea

  1. It will help your body to get rid of those piles of flabby flesh under which your muscles are buried. 
  2. Remember anyone who died of cardiac problems? If you will drink tea you can help yourself to decrease the chances to be enlisted among those who have such a problem.
  3. Reduced cancer risk. What a blessing tea is!
  4. Antioxidants in tea are gems for your general health.
  5. Less caffeine.

I also like chai-tea. Soon I will share some info about chai-tea. Until then chao! hehehehe



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