Village News: 13th Feb, Pigeons Day

A pigeon woke me up an hour ago. Sitting on the wall, it was continuously  cooing and watching me with its head tilt side-ways. Perhaps, for it I was looking funny or strange. What was wrong with me? Seriously, I do not know. 

I got up, made tea and went out to the farm. A cool breeze with golden sunshine welcomed me outside. I noticed an extraordinary number of birds flying by. And my cattle… they seemed happier today than always.

I do not know from where these birds have come here. I spotted some pairs of pigeons sitting here and there in the farm.

“Is it your Valentine’s Day type of day or something? !3th of Feb? huh?” I asked to one of my sheep. I must admit sheep are very good listeners, only listeners. They do not really reply.

Well, it seems like it is Pigeons Day here in the village. Humans don’t know it, but all animals know.

And here I am sitting on a hay bale, sipping tea, typing this post for some people on some other corner of the world who might read it.

Did I ever tell you about the two pigeons who always sit on the pipe over my kitchen? When I was making tea I realized, that today, on Pigeons Day, only one of them is sitting here. Not cooing, Looking week. ‘Where is the other one?’ I thought.

Maybe, I know the answer. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I am here in my farm. Alone.


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