Village News- 14th Feb.Funny Fight Day

Hello Villagers!
Here we are in the village’s most renowned day ever! We are here, right in front of fighting ring, where in a few minutes you will be seeing the world’s greatest funny fights ever! We have about two hundred couples participating in the Biggest Funny Fighting Competition and the winning couple will be awarded with a Free World Tour from the government! The ritual lasts for about 2 hours. It is celebrated each year on 14th February, right here on these grounds.
For those who are still wondering what a Funny Fight Day is. Here is a quick historical background. Over to Nathaniel (the History Freak)!

Thank you ( you weirdo!) Hello, People of the World! It all started with a BIG BANG! Yes, It all started when we were in some unknown stage of evolution and the Greatest Greatest…Great Grandpa-Grandma were arguing about Egg Recipe. Grandpa wanted to boil the egg in water and to go on a walk with Dino, the pet while Grandma wanted to beat the eggs with some strange looking vegetables and then cook the mixture on heat. They argued , argued , argued and then started the real fight *BANG* Grandma couldn’t take it anymore, she threw the wooden utensil away that hit the neighbor who was standing in his garden. He became angry and thinking that Grandpa actually threw that thing at him, started yelling at Grandpa. Grandpa started yelling at Grandma,

“It happened all because of you!”
“No, it happened because YOU never listen to me!”
“All the women are the same!”
“How do you know about all the other women?”
“I am going outside! You are the trouble maker in this house!”
“O really? I am the trouble maker? What do you think about yourself? huh? You are so irresponsible!”
“Irresponsible? Me? Don’t bring that now!”
“Why? Just because I am right here? You just want to put the egg in water to boil so you can enjoy playing with Dino. And here is me, doing all the home chores, trying to invent something for our future generations!”
“Future generations! What the Hell! You are now just getting on my nerves!”

and the fight continues. Listening the noise outside, all the couples in the neighborhood came outside. Someone said something to defend Grandma. Another voice opposed that. After a few minutes every couple in the street was fighting. Throwing things on each other, shouting, taunting. This fight took over the whole village within a few more minutes.
Meanwhile, a kid reported that boiled egg and the egg with vegetables were ready. And they both were equally delicious. Thus the fight came to an end.
It was a morning dated, 14th February, some unknown year. Back to the Alice.

Thank you Nathaniel!
So, it was Nathaniel. Telling you how did it all begin! Now, after a 5 minutes. The Great fight is going to be started. Every couple has 2 minutes to fight. The only rule is you cannot hurt your wife/husband physically and you have to make the fight funny.
I am going into the crowd to enjoy! See you in the next bulletin. Until then Chao!


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