Do you run the world business?

Yesterday, the shepherd and I talked for about an hour. Whenever he visits the lands near to my farm I always invite him to have tea and biscuits with me. He always share his food with me. And to be honest, his food is always so delicious that sometimes I doubt that he is a chef too.
He had left but his voice was still echoing in my head.
Do you run the world business?
I see above the clouds were floating in the sky and the sunshine was seemed to play hide and seek with the land. I was confused. My mind was daggling between the two extremes; faith and fear.
The sun, the clouds, the weather, the grass in pasture, my breathe, my heartbeat; all that was around me and within me, was not being run by me. How would I fed my cattle on my own? How would I made my respiratory system, my blood circulating system running without the One who was running it?
I, like my old shepherd friend, was feeling silly. I was afraid too. I was afraid of dark; The dark that always ate up all the green of my farm at night; the dark that always made me feel helpless and unable to see anyone who could harm my cattle when I was in my house. Why I was feeling silly? I was feeling silly because I came to understood something that I already knew.
Who took care of my cattle when I sat with the shepherd? Who used to took away the dark and brought the sun back to the sky in the morning? Who made me forget my bad days when I laugh at the jokes of my shepherd friend?
I knew the answer. I understood it, then. But why was the confusion there? Why was I finding myself swinging between fair and faith?
I thought. I thought for days, for nights. I thought it all the time until today. I know it now.
I need to fear because God does not want me to be careless. He does not want me to just sit back, relax and forget all my duties. My farm and cattle need me. God wants me to take care of them. God wants me to be dutiful.
I need to have faith because God does not want me to have fear to the point of anxiety or depression. He wants me to know that He is there with me all the time; be it a bright sunny day or one of the darkest nights.
I need to have enough fear to lock the door, and I need to have enough faith to sleep believing that no one will break that lock.
So, I should not swing in between the two extremes; I should just stay and relax in between faith and fear.



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