Laughter Therapy: Buhahahaha

Children laugh about 300 times a day! Whao! thats really tooo mch! Adults, on average, laugh about 15 times a day. I think this second part of this research made the whole research report wrong. I know people who laugh about…actually I know people who just do not laugh exactly, but once in a blue moon.
What a lively laugh exactly is? It is positive energy encanned in the body and also comming out of it. It comes of the body like ripples or rays that emits equally from the body like sun rays. It is symbol of happiness.[ (What about the evil laughs then?) Well, I am really thinking of what I have written into the paranthesis. Is an evil laugh really a symbol of happiness? No, evil laugh is a symbol of pain like cry. It is a cry in pain too egoistic to accept the victimization of intense pain. I do not know such evil people except Megamind. Yes, the one with that huge blue head. 😀 Well. back to the serious thought.]
We cannot control that circumstances in our lives that cause happiness or sadness, but we can control our body responces. By stimulating our body in way that triggers the production of happiness chemicals we can feel happiness despite of whatever the circumstances are. Researches have shown that only by holding your face in wide smiling manner reduces stress. If you know how to enjoy small moments in life and you laugh a lot then there is a good news for you. Your heart related diseases rate is lower than all the frowned faces around you! Cheers to you! If you suffer from heartache or any other stress related pain then you should probably practice laughter. Laughter therapy is done by forcing fake laughs that help your body system to release happy chemicals and thus, you start feeling lighter and happy.



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