Renewing Faith: Faith wears thin like clothes worn out.

I remember, one day, I asked him, “Why I lose faith again and again?”
He replied, ” Are you wearing the same clothes that you wore when you were 12?”
“No. *ptch* Tell me why my faith is wearing thin?”, I was really irritated.
“It is how it should be. Like buying new clothes, you renew your faith. It is simple.”
“Simple! Really? But how?”
” When you feel that your faith is weakening you need to pray and ask for ‘faith renewal'”, he smiled. “You buy clothes and pay money in exchange, you ask sincerely for faith and pay attention in exchange.”
I kept silent.
“You read Bible? Quran? Geeta? Pay attention to the verses. Look around and pay attention to the world. After every night, day comes and the cycle goes on. One day you have faith and the other day you feel like running away from the whole world. It is normal. It is how it is. Remember, faith wears thin like clothes worn out and when you feel your faith is fading away pray.”


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