Dream Husband, Nightmare Wife

“These animals are making my life hell! Stay away! STAY AWAY!” , Jack was screaming his tonsils out!
After a long day at work he had to clean the house. Finally when he went to bed at 1:00 a.m. His wife’s pet dog Licky-Sticky was already there to remind him of the empty food bowl.
Jack was 35, tall, dark, handsome, romantic, good cleaner, good chef, good listener, loyal. He was all a women could dream of; he was a dream husband.

Jennifer was a ‘nightmare wife’ ; fat, lazy, nosy, bossy, short-tempered.
Sometimes she takes his breath away by looking at him angrily and giving him job threat. He worked in her father’s factory.
Why he married him? Her thousands of dollar property made his love blind.
Today, Jennifer threw a kitty party for his friends and cleaning responsibility was thrown to Jack’s face like always.
“What happened, Jackie darling?” she asked fixing the rollers in hair and browsing TV channels.
“What happened, Jackie darling?” Jack mimicked and said slowly, “why don’t you call me ‘jackass’, you Lazy-Slob!”
“Licky is disturbing me, Sweetie. I wanted to sleep.”, Jack was a good actor.
“Did you give him the food?”
“Yes, I am giving him.”
“Giving? You did not give him food yet!”, she snorted.
“um..a… Jenn…”
She came into the bedroom with the rolling pin and hit right in the head. He fell on the bed screaming, “Forgive me! Forgive me!”
Alarm goes off…
It is 7 in the morning.
His heart is pounding.
He is not going to flirt with his boss’s daughter anymore.


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