Information overload: His brain-workers calls for strike

Behind green leaves of the garden and white window of a room there is laying someone half on bed bending towards the floor. It is not only some kind of yoga-like posture, but the man is stretching his arms and moving his fingers in typing style. Wait! He is typing! What is going on?
Now, he is coming into the garden. He has come. He is moving his legs in air with his laptop on his chest. Typing. Who is he? What is he doing?
He is Freako. Thin body, diamond shaped face with those signature nerd spectacles, plaid pants with strange t-shirts, no wonder that no one knows his real name.
In his room he is doing the morning exercise. He believes that correct morning work-out is to set all the body parts working simultaneously. He does his researches on the internet while working out. Sometimes he drinks green to set the esophagus on motion while moving the arms up and down.
After such a vigorous exercise he sleeps another half an hour before leaving for work. His brain workers calls for strike and his muscles curse his every morning.


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