It is all around us

My shepherd friend is so generous. He never hesitates to share his knowledge. His words are chests of treasure. When he speaks all else seems to be quiet. It seems like even the wind stops here to listen to him.
Today we are sitting in our respective places like always; he is sitting under the tree and I am sitting by the fence of my farm. Weather is partially cloudy and we are eating my home baked cookies with coffee. He has brought something to eat like always. I do not know the name, but these are delicious; small round buns with delicious filling.
“Do you know there are signals around here that your laptop catches and connects to the internet as you call it?”, he says sipping his coffee and looking somewhere in the sky.
“Yes, I know. Can you see those signals?” I followed his vision with a curious dumb look on my face.
“No.”, he laughs, ” I cannot. I am not some super-human.”
I smile; it is all I could do when he laughs at me, but his laughter does not have offending tone. We enjoy each other’s company.
“Why do you think my book does not catch those signals?” , he asks.
“Because it is a book. It is not a machine or something. ” I say. He never ask foolish questions.
“Is that a machine?” He takes out his small radio from his bag.
“Yes. It is.”
“It cannot connect to the internet. It is even unable to catch the video of the songs, that I listen”.
“It is because it was not being designed to do so. It plays sound, not pictures.”
“It just catches another type of signals. Right?”
“It is because it was designed so. Isn’t it?”
“You know we are machines. We humans, are machines. We have many signals kinds of signals around us. Grief, despair, hope, sorrow, happiness, power, helplessness etc. We catch all of them. We should process the ones that benefit us. And delete the rest.”
“So there must be some anti-virus software programs for humans too,” I says jokingly.
“Yes, there is. It is called prayer. Pray in order to get help from the One who created you. From all the signals receive and cherish those which are positive. Remember, these signals are everywhere, pick the good ones all the time wherever you go, whatever you do. Smile, be thankful and build an ARK. Watch Evan Almighty, if you want to know what ark truly is?”
I smile. I have watched the movie, but I do not have to build an ark like Noah’s ark. I just have to practice A Random act of Kindness.

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