The Wish

Danny lived alone in a small apartment a little far from the center of the city. The only living creature in his personal life was his parrot. He came home daily at 7 in the evening, fed the parrot, swung the cage and watched the beautiful bird in its little world. He played with it and sometimes talked to it while enjoying the view from his small terrace. He sometimes forgot to lock the cage but the parrot never left. He loved it.
It was a Monday evening. Danny was sitting on the couch, sipping his coffee and gazing the blood red envelope that somehow found its way to his doorstep. He opened the envelop and found a piece of paper.
Make a wish and it will be granted. Do not ignore. It is the Great Envelop. You are the lucky one to find it.
“Spoiled kids! Why don’t parents teach some manners to their kids nowadays?” he thought and started sipping his coffee.
It must be a prank of the new brats that has come to stay with Jeffreys in his neighborhood.
He witnessed a robbery last night and he could not get his mind off the voices coming from that house. The unhealthy political involvement and job threat was also getting on his nerves. Today he was very upset.
“There is lie, hatred, treachery, greed. What is wrong with this world? It is hell on earth now.” he was talking to himself. He truly wanted the world to be a better place.
“Make a wish. Ha!” he mumbled sarcastically.
“I wish the bad people to become 2.5 feet dwarf so that good people could recognize and save themselves from evil doers.” He smiled at his own thought.
He grabbed a handful of treat food for his parrot, went to the terrace, but he was now unable to reach the cage.
No one is perfect in this world. We all are flawed this way or that.” His mother used to tell him.

P.S. I read a story like this years ago. I remember the theme, but actually forgot the whole story. It is not 100% my creation.


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