Men’s Day 20014

Marty has been waiting for the whole year for this day. Men’s day; the day when after a year men have the chance to rule the world. Today when he was coming back home after the long working hours, he was noticing the fresh glow on every man’s face.
Tonight, according to the tradition he does not have to obey his wife’s command… and by command I mean every command… also those who are wrapped beautifully in the drape of request. He will not have to wake up at night to change the diapers or feed little Bob. Tonight, he will sleep carelessly and his mind will be free of all the worries about cleaning, laundry, dirty dishes, watering the plants and all the work that he does all day long without getting unnoticed and on top of all without getting any appreciation from his wife.
This is women’s world. All women expect men to be some supper human. They do not know the pain of being a man; the heartache that a man feels after giving everything he has to a woman. Its is said that thousand of years ago men ruled the world. Those were golden days. They even say that women had to bear the childbirth pain those days! It is like fairy tale now. Marty doesn’t believe in this. After getting pregnant with Katherine(their second baby) his life was changed. Sarah was no longer interested in him. She likes handsome men and Marty had become fat and dull. He cannot forget all the efforts he put in exercising and dieting to gain the lost beauty back. But, alas! He never got Sarah’s feeling back. He was father of her 3 beautiful children. He was the one who was supposed to get every chore done at home. Their financial condition required him to work and share the expenses of the house. In short, he was lost somewhere between all the duties. He was Sarah’s husband and it was his identity. Mr. Sarah.
Well, today is 8th of March; Men’s Day. He finally can go out and enjoy life for a day with his male friends. He hopes not to see Amanda; the creepy women who looks at him like she would eat him. He has filed a report against her, but sadly… it is a women’s world and they rule. Moreover, Amanda is rich and she could do anything! And he does not want Sarah to doubt his loyalty and faithfulness.
His friends plans to watch a football match arranged by government authorities to celebrate Men’s Day. They go there and take their seats. Everyone was excited. Suddenly, the football rises and starts coming towards him and in a glimpse hit him…
It is 8th of March, 2014; Women’s Day on earth. The clock has struck 12. Sarah is sleeping beside Marty. He knows she was hiding her tears after they fought a few hours ago. He takes out his notepad and start making the list of the things to throw a surprise party for Sarah on Women’s Day. He also promises himself to apologize; to make up for every time when he misbehaves and act selfish towards Sarah, the lady who is his right hand, the mother of his beautiful children, the home maker, the Queen of this house and his heart.


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