When will we travel to Mars?

“Viola! We are on Mars!” I just hope that one of my kids says so.
There is a team of scientist imitating life on mars in a desert in Utah. They hope to be on the first flight to Mars. It is at least 21 years from now. Don’t believe me. I am not a scientist! But why I am saying so? I am saying so because the shortest possible trip to Mars is seven months long and it will be made at least 20 years before us humans could step there.
Why I want my kids to go there? I am kidding. I wanted to be an astronaut (seriously), but… long story, forget it. Actually there is no way now for me to even think about going there or even stand on a crowd waving-good bye to the lucky ones. Why I cannot go there? I am not a scientist, not an engineer, and above of all I am not a president, princess, or some VIP. I am an ordinary person. Even if I live an average 60 year old life, there is no chance for us ordinary people to travel to another planet. How sad it is!
Why I want to go on Mars? Because the days are approximately the same length, but the year is twice as long as our year. SO, you got my point? I am still 13 there at Mars. yay! And I will be 30 there when I will be 60 here. Now, seriously, it is a difference!
What do you think?


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