A Letter To Empty Coffee Jar

Dear Empty Coffee Jar,
I woke up this morning with a mind like a blank canvas. I come into the kitchen and open the cabinet. There you were. Lying silently. Knowing that how much I need you but you don’t need me. I opened your lid and the familiar aroma came out. Your smell makes me want you even more. It doesn’t drive me crazy. It holds the hands of my thinking and carry me away far into the skies. I am so in love with you that I sometimes forget that if I don’t pay attention even you can go out of coffee. You, for me, are like oxygen. I need it but I do not have to ask for a re-fill. When I put a spoon into your open mouth I hear the sound of it touching the glass walls. That moment, my heart shattered like a glass sculpture thrown down from the mount Everest. My breathe seized and I forgot to close my mouth which was opened in shock.
You don’t know. You really don’t know! What an empty jar can do to poor little coffee lover. The scars are so deep that if remain uncaffeinated the lover cannot open his eyes for the rest of the day. A morning without coffee is like a view without colors, a bird without wings, a spec without lenses, a shoe without lace, a laptop without screen. It is like office coat without sleeves, cookie without chocolate chips, a mind without thoughts.
I am sorry. It was all because of me! It is my fault, my dear Jar. It was me who went to the groceries but forget to buy coffee. Forgive me.
Heading to the Groceries to buy coffee.
Ever Drinking The Coffee From You,
Caffeine Addict.



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