Imagination Is What I Have Got

Afternoons are boring, esp. summer afternoons. Nothing special to do. Nothing good on TV (well, I think so.) All we have is to imagine. Imagination is such a strong tool that can lift your spirits within seconds without you moving your eyelashes (I always try to keep it clean. I know it is hard for someone who watches modern ‘TV shows’.
Well, I was talking about afternoons, summer afternoons…imagination. I was talking about imagination. Pardon me, I sometimes becomes crazy as I am striving to become a great person. Believe me, you have to be crazy beyond your limits to be accepted as one of the wisests.
In my imagination, I am a little kid having an ice sword fighting evil in ice-age type land. I too good at this business. I am using my full strength and using my sword in the best possible way I know. My golden soft hair touching my forehead and snow is looking like beads in my hair. Wearing a fur fighting suit, I am looking like the bravest 12 year old on earth. Wow!
Note: Please, keep your imagination to yourself or write it down on your blog, like I do here on Black Grey and White and on Epic Life ( Why? Well, what do you think about a 27 year old sitting in a small room with 31 degree centigrade outside, claiming to fight the evil with an ice sword on snowy mountain tops?


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