Real Life Example Of How Writing Helps

I am glad to share my personal experience with all my existing and potential readers. I have been writing for a few years but never thought of building a blog. I used to write what some clients wants me to write about (freelance writer, I was) in exchange of a few bucks only. As a result, I ended up having a few dollars and lot of ideas bottled up. Suppressing the ideas forced them to lost somewhere in the lanes of my mind. Some were so powerful that they came out as novels, but thanks to my personal circumstances I have three unfinished novels now.
Well, one day I decided to build a blog. I did. The ‘About’ page I had that time was so lame that even I never looked back after typing that. After a few days I came up with these few lines ( and I was happy.
” If you are looking for some motivation, some humor, some touching stories, or anything to lift your spirits up or make you think deeply for a while, you are at the right place on web.

This is coming from an ordinary mind, but you may sometimes find it extra-ordinary. “

And now after few months I was able to write “About Author”
“A soul with broken wings falling from the sky, slipping down a spiral, struggling to rise and searching for light.
It has only one desire; to elevate from the darkness and go into the lights. It is holding tight on the desire and climbing up with its shoots.
Thunder bolts make the soul fall again and again, but the light they bring makes it easy to see. The soul share this light and help other souls to come up.
A buried faith is coming to life; soon the soul will enter into the lights and share the rays to those struggling down the spiral. “

For someone who are very good at writing this could seem something ordinary. But, I am sure there are many like me, who are struggling between different phases of life. Only those can relate and feel what I mean to say.


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