Blog: A Book Not For Sale, But to Read

Sigh! I blog because I cannot write a book. Even if I write one, who will publish it? I don’t even want to think. I have written a few pages of my 3 novels. Guess what? I will show my writings to my future kids (new kind of domestic violence, ha!).
It was after a month when I join WordPress, my sister looked at the home page and scroll it all the way down.
“You say I think a lot. You think a-l-o-t!”
She is not a huge fan, nor a wordpress follower. I don’t know it was a compliment or the plain girly ‘blah blah comment’. (We, women. We love to talk. All the time. What if we cannot solve problems! We just ‘talk them off’. Men will never understand this phenomenon.)
Well, I just write things off many times, metaphorically (here on Black Grey and White). Many times, just to give a way to the voices in my head to vent out ( . It is approx. the middle of my life (I am going to be 27 soon), I have learned a lot, but it seems that I have to learn even more. Life is so rich of experiences and I surprisingly experience the ‘not-very-common ones’.
Sometimes, I think what will I do if I couldn’t write? Strange thought… I know.
I wish a publishing fairy come to me and say, ” I will make books of your blog and I will publish your novels. You just sit and write.”



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