Why Do Humans Do This To Their Own Species?

I posted this on my stories blog (http://storiesbundle.wordpress.com/), but now I think it deserves to be here.
“What they do to their own species. I hate humans.” Browny said to the other pegions on the Square.
“Well I enjoy here. All I want is food so i dont care who is giving it to me.” Bubbly was still munching on food.
“Yeah! Seriously, dude! You have serious issues.” Rocky was trying to impress Twinkle with his ‘cool-dude-attitude’.
“Eh yeah, mayabe some phobia like humanphobia or something.” Freaky was sure about it. Afterall, he has lived with a human psychiatrist for many days.
Psycho cho cho…. someone coughed or called him psycho.
“I am feeling like flying in solitude now. See ya later.” Browny did want to hear these disturbing thoughts. “These pigeons are eating their food and have started to talk like them. They make fun of me. I am their own kind!”
“Hello! Where are you flying?” Lucky seems happier today.
“Hi, I was just… I am not feeling like talking to these crazy birds.”
“oh whao oh! What happened? Are you angry? Do you want me stop flying with you?”
“No. You are nice. I am just angry because they make fun of me.”
“I am not happy with the humans. So, sometimes I… leave it. You tell me. Why are humans so cruel to their own kind? I have seen people snatching other’s huge egg like moving nests they use to go fetch food…”
“Yes. And I have seen them killing others. Although, they dont eat the dead later. I have seen them snatching others food and even others babies! Hurting female-humans. I can tell you a lot. I have lived here since I came out of the egg. ”
“I know it too. You are not wrong. But, I think you dont know them closely enough to understand them well. I was once saved by a human when another one shot me with his gun.”
“Really? How can you fly now?”
“It is because of that other good natured human. He cured me. See, my friend, humans are complicated. They all are good and bad. My mother used to tell me it is all because of humans; this whole world. God wanted them to be happy, that is why He created us. They see us fly and love it. For them, God painted the sky blue and give everything its colors.
You are right, though. They are becoming worse day by day. But, believe me, there are still good humans out there. ”
“How do you know?”
“Reason 1: I observe them closely. Reason 2: My mother told me that when all humans become evil, world will be destroyed.”



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