A Writer Who Doesnt Want Money

I am such a writer, but I do want to get publish somewhere! Publishers! I am here. I do not want to earn even a penny, but please, publish my work.
Self-publish?? Okay. Unsupported countries citizens on kindle amazon… I have no clue.
Any other idea? Yes, the idea stealers! Please, steal my stories (http://storiesbundle.wordpress.com) or anything from Black Grey and White (this blog). Make it yours. I wont complain! Publish it!
The writer starting choking
Okay! I am fine, I am being over-dramatic. I am desperate!



  1. I hate to tell you but a publisher will not publish without some expectation of earnings from your book. They’ll get it through charging you to publish it and/or selling them. You can go to a printer and have them print it/ self-publishing and then do what you want with them. If you have no desire to make $ for yourself or a ministry what is your motive?

      1. There’s an amazon site that some authors have used to publish their books but I don’t know what it is. You might research that otherwise you’ll need to pay a publishing company. Just be careful because they don’t always do what they say they will do. There’s $ involved in publishing a book regardless of whether they say they’ll do it for free or not. Good luck to you in your endeavor.

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