When People Stop Following My Blog

One day, I realized that the number of my blog followers is not increasing like it was increasing when I joined WordPress. Well, maybe, one is reason is; I am not very active and not being the crazy blogger I used to be. And second reason is; I have been thinking a lot that my mind is numb. Well, I was talking about the wordpress followers following everything but my blog.
This tendency of people have made me brave. Now, when I know that people are not interested in my blah-g I am free to write whatever I want. Yay!
Ahem… Should I really be happy? Believe me I am. I am writing here anonymously and no one knows what I am up to. I can brag, I can share good things. I can kick my dark side and share with the whole world the story of what and how happened. (Like here http://storiesbundle.com ; ) I can be what I want. Because I know. No one knows that I am sharing.
This scenario have another side too. It is my side; my tendency of not improving as a blogger. SEO, search engines, permalinks, meta…metaphysics? I don’t know. Whatever I am not doing whet I used to do for others. (Yes, I used to write SEO articles). It is my space. I am freeeee! Let see who is thinking with me in the same rhythm in this huge world and joins me incidentally.


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