A Writer Who Does Not Want Money: Part 2

I posted this yesterday https://baadseher.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/a-writer-who-doesnt-want-money/ and my friend http://suespen2paper.com/ ( I count her among my friends, now) commented,

“I hate to tell you but a publisher will not publish without some expectation of earnings from your book. They’ll get it through charging you to publish it and/or selling them. You can go to a printer and have them print it/ self-publishing and then do what you want with them. If you have no desire to make $ for yourself or a ministry what is your motive?

I thank her to for this comment as it really made me think. What I want?
I think I want to reach people through my writings. I want to help souls even if I am confined in my room (no I am not a prisoner, but a housewife and I am glad I am). How I want to help? My blog is somewhat the shade of my desire. I want to contribute to the peace of minds; to the relaxation of souls; to lift up the spirits. I do not have money for this purpose. So, I opt for a blog and am considering self publishing (if it exists for free). May God help me. Amen.


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