Eat, Pray, Love

I am eating leftover rice in lunch with tomato and lettuce as salad. The sun is so angry today that my skin is burning even in shade. So, I am eating leftovers because I cannot step in kitchen to face the stove and I am really hungry. Sometimes I feel that summer is bad for you if you are stressed or prone to stress. Especially, the summer in tropical areas. It is a killer, man!
I was wondering what a person with anxiety or depression should eat. What we crave is different, offcourse. Sometimes I magine to be Richie Rich and own a whole Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka copy the most delicious chocolates. I also own the Lays’s Factory and Pizza Hut. Yum yum! Well, coming back to the reality. What we ‘should’ eat to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. I carried out a small research on the internet and here is the list of happy foods that you should eat:
Banana: There must be a solid reason behind Minions liking bananas.
Spinach: Think, why Popeye had to eat his spinach and how he always won Olive.
Tomatoes: umm I don’t know any prominent cartoon figure eating tomatoes, but I am sure the most happy people eat tomatoes. They are especially women’s friends.
Milk: umm… ok just do as I say and have a glass of milk daily.
Almond: My grandmother was an intelligent lady and believe me, she spend 40 years living with troublemaker sister-in-laws bur never complaint of a headache. Her secret was ‘eating almonds in the morning’. Also, almonds are good for eye-sight.
Oranges: Okay, try eating oranges next time when you feel down and notice the difference by yourself.
Oatmeal: Well, I have heard that there was a time when army soldiers ate oatmeal. Nowadays, life is like a warfare and for a anxiety-person every moment is like in a battle so have your oatmeal and be strong enough to fight.



  1. Its amazing what food can do. A healthy diet does wonders; foods :meat, fish, beans, eggs, cheese nuts and seeds contain tryptophan which produces a natural high and encourages the stimulation of seretonin and increase endorphin levels. Happy foods 🙂 something i may consider actually following at some point in my life lol

      1. I dobt skip meals as such. But the only day i eat three times a day is saturday when i am working a full days shift. Otherwise its twice a day. I dobt actually feel hungry more thn that most days. If i do though i eat.

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