Flu: It is not about nose.

It is not something very unfamiliar to all of the mankind. We know how it feels when you do not breathe well and your respiratory tract play strange sounds. Flu is not only a condition with runny nose, sneezing, dizziness etc. It has another phase attached to it; When you get flu your world turns upside-down and just no one understands. Suddenly all the world become your enemy and you become the lonliest person alive. People think that you have become a drama-queen/king without realizing how disturbing the shortage of toilet paper could be! When all you could think of is rest, no one understands why you suddenly start hating the pegion cooing on your wall. Why you just do not want to watch TV and why you hate the news-caster with a fake prefessional smile and the lady bating eye-lashes on another channel.
Your mind stops working in present and starts recalling the painful past. You suddenly remmeber the back-bencher who you once had a fight with in school and the fire of revenge flames up. Although, you do not know where that person is, but you want your seat back!
In short, flu can make you stop writing a post abruptly.



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