A note

I found this note somewhere. It is a whole story in itself.
Sometimes we just come across situations that are not planned. They are unfamiliar to the extend that the laws of the nature appear to be fading and losing their meanings. Billions of people have zillions of different life stories and each one of them is so complicated that they amaze the mind and seize the tongue.
It is amazing how people survive in the circumstances that are tough. How the external factors mold life is amazing and sometimes painful. No one tell us where to go when there is nowhere to go. When all else fail what can work?
The time when your own voice collides your brain and comes back, is one of the most painful times in life. When everyone has left you and you cannot even talk to yourself because you are too afraid to address the issue.
The time is shrinking its boundaries and I am losing my control over things. Am I am going to experience the “rare” again?
I am afraid of being afraid because life always wants me to be fearless and for this purpose it always make me face my fears.



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