Not-so-Chef’s Blog: How To Fry An Egg?

I am reblogging my own post for the first time. I love this one!

Black Grey and White

If you are really looking for the right recipe then you are on the wrong page. No, really! We do not really care about the things that we cook. We just cook and do not think about it all day and night. Seriously! You will not find here the so-and-so milliliters of oil or so-and-so Celsius of heat to fry an egg. There is clearly no information regarding the egg’s parents i.e. if they are from Duck family or Hen family or some Ducko-Hen or Heno-Duck, we do not care. We just crack them and fry. For all those food lovers out there, we know it is difficult to believe. So, for that missing professional touch we wrote a letter to Mr. Chef who was someone, we heard, loved to cook. What we did not know was when they said ” love ” they really meant love. This is…

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