Me-Blog Post: Things I Don’t Like

This blog is not about “me”. Here, I write for people. Sometimes to help them and some times to cheer them up. I think, making someone smile is also a kind of favor. So, yes, I actually help others through this blog. But I don’t know why, today I am writing about “me”. And this is about things I do not like.

1. I don’t like people who don’t like me! Hahaha

2. I don’t like blueberry ice-cream because my pediatrician used to give me a cough syrup in blueberry flavor.

3. I don’t like French fries. I actually, LOVE it.

4. I don’t like zero-size models. No, I don’t hate them, but  I don’t like them because they are making people starve to death! most importantly, they are presenting a body image far from reality thus, causing people to feel a kind of inferiority complex.

5. I don’t like politicians.

6. I don’t like religious extremists.

7. I don’t like cluttered and messy rooms.

8. I don’t like liars, nosey and fake people, esp. the ones who show off and pretend a lot.   

9. I don’t like pet’s poop.

10. I don’t like posts like this one. Really. I think, blogs should be used to help people.


Do you learn anything from this post? No, really! I want to know!




  1. lol Well yes, we did learn what you DON’T like which gives us a little insight to you. Now how about a post that tells us what you DO like. 🙂

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