TO ALL THE ABUSED: A Mother’s Day Message

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This is a message to all who have been abused and have cried out to God to help them. I have also suffered abuses  and  felt trapped in the turmoil that surrounded my life. I cried out daily for God to help me and my 3 children. Then on Mother’s Day, 7 years ago today, I received a message. As I look back, I wonder how many times we are given instruction but do not do it because it is not what we prayed for or just too hard to do. Think about it…

As I was worshiping in church…
praising God’s Holy Name.
A memory flashed before me…
where my life would never be the same.
For 7 years ago…
in another church on this day in time.
A Mother’s Day message was given…
that I knew was all mine.
The message was to “Leave…
take 2 children and…

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