Lonely But Not Alone

One of my school teacher once told the class, ” The worst type of loneliness is when someone has to talk to his own self.” And I pictured a person dressed in rags sitting in Japanese style in a small unpainted room with bricks visible.
That was a mind of a seventeen year old book-worm back in 2004. When the world started showing its true face the difference between stories and reality started to become clearer. The difference between ‘alone’ and ‘lonely’ took more years to be clarified. Sometimes one has to go into his shell, mentally but has to be with people, physically. Surrounded by many people, one can be so lonely that the only one he has to talk is his own self.
During such times in life one should be very careful about the things you share with yourself. Observe carefully, what your mind is feeding in itself? These times can make you or destroy you. You have to play 3 parts when you do not have anyone else to share your concerns and thoughts.
First, obviously you are the one who is talking. Secondly, you are the listener too. Third and the most important part is being the ‘Monitor’. Allow processing only those thoughts that help you in a positive manner. Never entertain negativity. Listen to the negative thought and let it pass. Don’t fight it. Just pay no attention and let it go, but do not allow it to stay by diverting your mind to something positive.
I have seen people stuck in this phase of life for years till their death. And I have seen someone who spread positivity, allow positivity and even she had no one to talk to except her own self, she only spread the light and illuminated many lives.


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