The Ignored Blessings

Weather influence my quality of thought in all the ways it can. When the day before yesterday the sun wore the shawl of clouds and stopped gazing down continuously, things started getting back to normal. Today, I am completely sane. The clouds have covered the sky and temperature is not at the boiling point of mind.
With the cool breeze and the view of grey shade in the sky a thought came into my mind. Is the intensity of my thankfulness is equal to my whinning? What if the weather remains the same throughout the year? What if all the water sinks into the earth or gets evaporated? What if the air gets lost into the infinite space out there? What if each and everyone around you turns into your enemy? Even on wordpress what if people start commenting hatefully on your blog? I become your enemy and you become my enemy? Why do we ponder over pains, sorrows, and negativity?
Where does this tendency of forgetting the good things come from?


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