How to Accept An Undesirable Change

Life has a bitter taste too. There are things that we don’t want to talk about. We don’t even want to think about such things because they seem to be quite contrary to the idea that we once had about our life. Think about a army soldier who has now lost his leg. What image he had in his mind about his life? And how is he spending his days now? But he laughs with friends and family. He cries in nights when he is alone. He does share his experience when he is asked about his leg, although, deep down in his heart these questions hurt him. But he has accepted his new life. He is trying to live and carry on. He has learned to shrink himself in a wheelchair.
This attitude can also be seen in animals. You catch a pegion and put it in a cage. After a few weeks when you open the cage and let it fly. It flies but comes back as if the cage was its reality.
I don’t know if it is some kind of coping mechanism or what, but in such cases it seems like we force our brain to forget what we wanted or what we were and train ourselves to be happy with what we cannot change. And this is what the bitterness of life is all about.; things that we cannot change.
Now, coming towards the first part of this mechanism; trying to forget our desires and accept the change. We try to convince ourself that here, there is a very unfathomable phenomenon is involved i.e. Act of God. It is not easy to feed this in our system which was once used to carry out whatever it wanted to do with 100 percent success rate. So, whenever your system comes up with this arguement and makes you feel nostalgic and ultimately wants to drag you into depression.Tell your system that it was you who used to work to achieve that goal, but it was God who provided you with success that is why you should accept this change from God. As I told you it is a tough process so in due course you will fall innumerable times into a ditch known as Emptiness. There you will feel like you have lost everything, even yourself and your identity but you will have to drag yourself out and stand on your feet again start all over again. But the good news is, this time you will not have to put that much effort again.
Now, the second part; how to be happy with such a undesirable change? It has a good news attached to it too. When you feel you cannot be happy with a tremendous change that you did not even want in the first place and which was totally opposite to yout wants, know, it is a big fat lie that your mind is telling you. Being happy is something else. It does not come from fulfilment of any desire. It comes with the acceptance. If you were a soldier and now because of your disablity you are teaching in a small school, you will find happiness in teaching when you will welcome the change with open arms. If you wanted to be an actor, but you couldn’t get a chance to display your talent and you had to run a small “meal on wheels’ types of business, you will be rewaarded with success and happiness. The key is to accept what God has given you.
When God gives us what we wanted we accept it happily and when He gives us what He wants to give, why do we question and reject?


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