The long journeys I take:

Life in a prison is not so boring. Believe me, it is so fasicnating. The flights my mind take to the far off places back into the past or the leaps it takes towards the future are so fun. I sometimes become astonished on the ability of my mind of making stories of my own life! Each and every story is so different, although, they all start with the same ‘present moment’. For example, my mind can make a whole new story starting from this very moment when I am writing this line of my blog post. Aand believe me, it will end up in a whole new environment and plot using all the characters that are present in my life at this moment. Many of them I want to be disappeared and only a few are those I always want to be with me till the end. To be honest, the count of the people I want near my death bed when my time comes can be reduced to the size of my ‘then family’.

See, how my mind shift time zones. From that line to the time when I will be taking my last breaths or maybe, I will be delivering a departing speech to my loved ones who will soon forget a large part of what I will have said.

The coolest part of some of my life stories is the alien invasion/arrival. Yeah, you may laugh now. Many of the times my ‘present moment’ is in kitchen when I am mixing the appropriate portion of spices to make a scumptious meal. The time when the spices are mixed and brain stops the careful ‘teaspoon-tablespoon calculations’, my hands take over the meal business and my mind goes back to the ‘story-making mode’. Suddenly, the dense layer of dark grey clouds parts and with luminous streaks of lights and thunderous sounds a UFO appears. The body of the UFO is always rotating and a inclined staircase like surface comes of it. My mind always pictrues a round shaped typical UFO. It is maybe because of two reasons. First, something really mystyful is attached to this circular UFO because of all the movies, books and magazines. Secondly, I don’t believe in some ‘super intelligent aliens’. That is why the aliens in my life stories always use last century’s circular spaceships to travel to Earth.

People say that if you want your mind to stop bothering you, keep yourself busy. But what about the mind that is capable of multitasking?


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