How Many People You Know Will Go To Hell?

Think about all the Non-Muslims, Non-Christians, Non-Jews or Non-(fill your religion name here) in your circle, neighborhood, college or office. Now, I have two questions for you.
1. Can you count the future ‘Hell Dwellers’ you know? Can you give us an estimated figure of the Hell population?
2. How do you classify and ‘allot’ Hell or Heaven?
After reading this post many people will think that I am about to launch a new religion. Many would think that this note is directly from the Hell or I am writing this standing in the Hell Waiting Queue as my last deed to misguide the righteous people. If you are religiously sensitive, please do not read further. I respect you and your opinion.
As far as my opinion is concerned, I am not into tagging people in terms of potential Hell or Heaven Dwellers. I do not like the whole idea of this descrimination in religions. For me it is simple, if you want to go to Heaven do good deeds, love God’s creations, love people, love animals, say kind words, spread goodness. And if you love adventure and want to experinence the sensation a chicken tikka experience on fire, go and make someone’s life hell, do drugs, hate people, spread terror, do whatever evil you could do.
I think this HDT (Hell Dweller Tagging) causes so much panic and stress in people. If your friend is from another religion you feel sorry for him because you know he will go to Hell. But what if he is the one who is on the right track and you are going to Hell?
Why not do good because you love yourself and everyone and everything around you? If you do something good because you do not want to go to Hell then you are already in Hell; think about all the stress your mind and body is bearing. I think God is merciful and love us. All He wants from us is to love his creatures. I don’t think He likes it if someone from any religion tries to take His place and claims to distribute the tickets to Hell or Heaven. God loves Christians. God loves Muslims. God loves Jews. God loves all humans equally. God even loves those who don’t believe in His existence. I don’t think God is someone who has just set up a game on Earth and has hidden the Hell or Heaven Prize under some particular religion(s) flag. This world is not a game.



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  2. If God loves Muslims, Christians, Jews and non-believers – then what’s the point of believing in any particular religion? Talk about panic and stress, worrying if you’ve picked the right book to believe in!

    1. If you really love someone that you will not mess up with his/her free will. You go to Church to pray or you go to Mosque, you are connecting to the same God. That is what my opinion is. Blessings.

      1. Okay, I hear what you’re saying. But when different religions start violent conflicts with each other because they believe slightly different versions of the same book – that HAS GOT to stop if the human race is going to progress any more. Surely you agree? πŸ˜‰

    1. You are already ‘angry’ so I take some time to collect the right words to reply πŸ˜€ JK…
      I am just against hatred. Suppose I am a very religious person and hates you because you do not believe in my book. Will you like it? Does it create a good feeling about me in your heart?

      1. Heh good one :p, I’m an angryfish at religious culture, not people πŸ˜‰ . Wel ofcourse not, a good evangelist (no matter the word he’s bringing) should always bring it with love. The thing I was trying to get at was grace actually (and not doing a great job at). From my view, there’s not much you can do to “earn” heaven. So lets say I spend my life beeing a jerk making life miserable for myself and everyone around me. The disgracefull part about my beliefs is that, I can still call on God (in particular Jeshua, but I’ll leave those specifics aside for now) and repent. Even if that would be a few weeks or even seconds before I died. Because if we look at the heart of many dysfunctional people, we’ll find that most of them act out of inner pain trying to silence it. I wouldn’t hold that against them, they need compassion however unpractical that may be…but then where do we draw the line? Where is the line that says “from here you go to hell”…Ultimatly it’s not up to me (or anyone else) to judge but God, he knows the real inside of mankinds heart. That may sound like a cheap cop-out but in essence it’s true…we don’t even know what lingers in the depts of our own souls/minds let alone in those of others. Now to get back to your original post, that does leave me with somewhat of an interaction to people of other beliefs. I try not to judge them, the only thing I can do is pass on what little I do know in the hope of adding to their life. Anyway I don’t wanna get too preachy here, look forward to perhaps discuss more with you sometime!

  3. Well, In the book, death and he’ll are eventually therein into the Lake of Fire, if the Lake is God’s ultimate judgement .. He doesn’t have the highest regard for either. A favourite sentence of mine is “perfect love drives out all fear” … Maybe the Beatles got it right “Love is all we really need”

    1. Love is all we need. You are right! Love is all we really need to live happily in this world and ultimately the hereafter. God loves those who loves humanity

  4. 100% A gree on your last word.”God loves Christians. God loves Muslims. God loves Jews. God loves all humans equally. God even loves those who don’t believe in His existence. I don’t think God is someone who has just set up a game on Earth and has hidden the Hell or Heaven Prize under some particular religion(s) flag. This world is not a game”.

  5. I don’t know what religion you are, but according to Christian dogma, if you aren’t Christian, and if you don’t believe in the Christian God, and if you don’t accept Jesus as your savior, you ain’t getting into heaven. According to Christian doctrine, it doesn’t matter if you do good deeds, love people, love animals, say kind words, spread goodness. If Jesus ain’t your guy, you’re going to hell. Of course, if you’re a lifetime criminal who committed heinous crimes throughout your life but come to Jesus in prison, heaven’s gates are wide open for you.

    Of course, as an atheist who doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t consider Jesus to be anything but a charismatic preacher, I’m going directly to hell. I’m not going to pass Go, I’m not going to collect $200.

    Good thing for me I don’t believe that hell exists.

    1. You made me smile…and by smile I mean a ear to ear smile lying between a chuckle and laugh..giggle? No. Whatever!
      I do not believe in terms like ‘Christian God’, ‘Muslim God’, ‘Hindu God’ etc. Religions are for us to set a path for ourselves. It is the same God who created all humans, so the Christians’ God, Muslims’ God or Jews’ God is the same God.
      So, you do not believe in God…eh? You don’t believe in hell and heaven too? Spend your life happily and spread love. After your death certificate will be issued, lets see what God rewards you for all the goodness you spread. Because you do not believe in him but he loves you.

      1. Nope, I don’t believe in God, in heaven, or in hell. And when my death certificate is issued, I will cease to exist in all senses, just as I did not exist before I was born (or conceived, if you’re Christian). The end. Fini. Over and out. No rewards expected, no 72 virgins, no pearly gates, no old man white hair and a white beard in flowing robes, no angels playing harps floating around. No hot spot, no guy in red tights with beady eyes, horns on his head, and a pitchfork in his hand standing on burning embers. Nope. just a whole lot of nothing.

      2. I respect your thoughts. That is why I did not press “Unapproved” after reading your comments πŸ˜€
        My beliefs are different, though, but I am not here to preach.
        By the way, I like your description about hell, heaven and God and Satan (maybe). I like your writing style.

      3. Thanks. I wouldn’t have bothered, by the way, to comment on your post if it wasn’t well written, so I guess that means I like your writing style as well.

  6. Glad you posted this on OM’s challenge. I was sharing the same inspiration this week. Guess inspiration strikes twice? Religion is hard to write about I always get more worried about how that topic will be received. I appreciate your positive tone on this.

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