Journey from Fool’s Paradise to Reality

Sometimes I wonder why did not I named my blog, ‘The Fool’s Advices’ or ‘Ask the Fool’, or ‘The Fool’s Way’ or something else with this tittle ‘The Fool’. You must be wondering why am I so obssessed with this word? Because it is the only ‘tittle’ that I have got from people who knew me well and really loved me. They were not abusers. It was purely their observation. My mother used to be very worried about me because I was a Fool.
I was a bookworm. A student who used to cry when got an A because my standard was A+++. With mind buried in the intellectual sayings about life and people I never tried to study people and their behaviour in real life. Fed by tremendous amount of positivity, the essential part of understanding the negatives never had the chance to develop.
I could never think that anyone from ‘my’ family could harm me. (Do you sense the proud here?)
I could never imagine the possibility of a jealous heart behinde a smiling face. (All is beautiful. Everyone is good. OOOO 😀 )
How could people laughing with you could made you cry? Senseless!
If I had something and someone did not. I shared it with him/her. Why would he/she feel hatred towards me because he/she had that thing too then.
I knew there were ‘bad people’ who do not like ‘good people’, but I had never met such ‘bad people’ so it meant they did not existed in my circle.
There were treachery, lies, and negatives, but nothing could reach me. Why? Honestly, I never thought of it.
If someone needed financial help. I could empitied my piggy bank to help. Money was nothing. It was never more important than love and humanity. (Well. I still believe so, but now I am against going ‘broke’ to help someone. Now, I set aside the money I need, first. Then put on my ‘Out to Help’ hat later.)
There are many such beliefs. Well, I got a wake up call when I was in high school and after that believe me, my ‘phone’ has never stopped ringing. I have started to understand the world’s reality. But the one who was worried about me being so naive or a Fool, is no more. But I am sure if there is a system installed there that conveys the Earth News then she knows that her Fool is now getting better. At least, many of the old false beliefs have dimished. In my religion, we do not have the facility of transforming into stars after death so I cannot see my ‘star mom’ from down here. I just pray that somehow she gets to know about me.
Sometimes, now, I think, “Wow! I am really wise now!”
But the next moment I remember an anonymous saying,
“Only a fool call himself wise.”
I just wanted to ask, can I say I am improving?


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