Words Retention: A Writers’ Disease

Words retention is a disease in writing world. It happens when due to any cause(s) a writer does not write. Heaviness in heart and fogging in mind are the most common symptoms of this diseases. The severity of the symptoms are directly proportional to the time the words retained in the mind of a writer. In worse scenarios a writer can become cranky.
Oh yes, I am trying to be very precise and ‘to-the-point’ here, but I am really feeling like punching someone in the face.
I also feel like crying, throwing things out of the window, yelling at the people on TV and dropping plant pots on the passersby’s heads. So, probably, in the worst case Words Retention can become a cause of violent type of psychological disorders.
You are right if you are thinking that I am just rambling here and there is no scientific base to this theory. So what? I have been retaining many words as some of them made their way out here on this WordPress blog.


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