Trance of Happiness

Nearly all the people in their lives spend some very best days. Whenever a bonus is given, a trophy is won, he or she says ‘yes’, that day becomes one of the best days in someone’s life. Despite of all the sorrows and disappointments, no one can claim that he has never experienced a truly happy day of his life. But the matter of our concern, today, is ‘why the happiness disappears and sadness or boredom takes its place?’
When we closely observe we can see a cycle of positive and negative emotions taking turns in lives. When we experience happiness we feel like we are the luckiest on earth and when some bad luck strikes we cry or lose any hope of getting back to normal. The question is; Why does this happen?
To understand this we should first understand two concepts.
1. Happiness gained by acomplishment of wordly desires.
2. Happiness gained by closeness to God and understanding the forces working behind all the happenings.
The happiness that we feel when we achieved something great, or when we spend a good time with our loved ones is always temporary. That is why I do not call it happiness. Instead, it is a trance of happiness. And when this trance breaks we become bored or in most terrible cases we become sad as the state we were in or we were afraid to go in comes back.
What is real happiness? Real happiness is experienced by those whose heart is not stuck into the quagmire of world and who understand that the true happiness and sense of accomplshment does not depent on money or other people. It does not even depend on the person you think your world revolves around. Now, this is something else; an entirly different concept of happiness from the one that we know. The essence of this true happiness is that it is never-lasting. It does not break like a trance. It becomes the shield that protects you from sudden disappoinments and going back into the state you hate to go in.
While many of us are stuck in this cyle and some are struggling to break it, there are people who have broken it and have achieved true sence of happiness and contenment. You think you have never seen such really happy people? You have met many. Do not think about the rich, successful, beautiful or famous that others kind of pray. Think about eyes. Have you seen someone with bright eyes (even behinde spectacles) that seemed to emit an invisible light that enlightened your soul even for a very brief moment. If yes, then you have seen a truly happy person. No matter if he was rich or poor, white or black a famous person or a introvert neighbour.
How to achieve this position in life when your soul does not get plagued with the negativity around you? It is a topic I am still researching on. Your input will be more than welcomed!


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