Healthy Fear

Nowadays, I am feeling like I am ignoring my urge to scribble just anything. I took a long break and then I come back here, today. Yesterday, I was reading a book and the writer mentioned a very unique type of fear; the fear of a beloved to be angry with you. Fear is a feeling associated with ‘unseen’ events, of course, but really, I never thought about fear like that.
Phobias and fear are not healthy, over all, but I think this type of fear is healthy.
I am writing this today, when I know my blog has been buried under many posts on your WordPress Reader, but surprisingly, I am short on words today. This idea of healthy fear is so powerful that I am feeling like I am a new world looking inside my mind with a new perspective.
Think, differently; think about the one you love. On the scale of 1 to 10 what is the level of healthy fear you have. Do you think it is a good measure of your love? How strange it is. Love makes you fearless, apparently, but at the same time it plants a new type of fear in yourself. It seems like love and fear are the two sides of the same coin.
As a blogger I lack the ability to write a comments-inviting post, but I really want to know what other souls think about this fear-love phenomenon.


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