Masterchef US

Okay! I admit I watch cookery TV channels a-l-o-t! No, wonder whenever I come across that red golden monogram while randomly browsing TV channels; I stop. Today, they were showing a recording of MasterChef US (season-unknown) and as it is my habit I stopped to take a look. Well, there was a guy who made some Greek soup with a variation of putting a butter. They did not like it and throw some hurtful remarks. Later, they cover it up providing that guy the chance to propose his girlfriend in the same show. It became a huge moment of the couple’s life. It was a initial selection episode so they were showing the participants serving their dishes to the judges and the remarks of those judges. Now, I don’t know do you think that making a variation in something to eat can call for insults? There are people who appeared alien to me, but should we throw insults at people who we do not like? You can just say, “No”, and that would be enough.
I apologize in advance if I offend some MasterChef’s fan out there.
P.S.: I don’t do such Tv articles so, you may find it absurd.



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