Google and Relationship Advices

Have you ever type such things in Google search box
‘How to impress a girl’
‘Why is he not talking to me’
‘How to tell if he loves me’
‘My husband ignores me what should I do’
‘How to make a man happy’
‘How to get rid of a girlfriend’
‘How to deal with an ex’
‘How to deal with an angry spouse’
‘How to stop fighting with your husband’
‘How to stop a nagging wife’
and the list goes on. If you have typed any above query or something like these you are not alone. Google is the second best parent and friend for many with relationship problems. After all, Google knows a lot about everything! Sometimes I wonder should I write relationship advice articles? Edison-ically speaking, I know 10,)00 ways that do not work!
Now, for the people who are reading it for the sake of advice instead of some blah-blah, the best piece of advice I can offer for men is;
Fake it and Tell lies!
Really, fake it that you love her even if you want her to disappear somehow and let you breathe. When you feel you need space, instead of misbehaving and crushing her heart, say, “I will be late from office.” Go out for a half an hour walk or unwind yourself by giving yourself some me-time away from home.
Now, for ladies, the best relationship advice is;
Let him Breathe. Give him space! (I am a lady and I am saying it.)
You are not his mom. So stop being one. Do not revolve around him. He loves you and you love him too, but that does not mean that you make him your whole world and kill him with extra-sweetness and make him dizzy by revolving around. That is why please, do not suffocate him. Men need ‘me-time’ more than you do.
I did not want to write such an article after big-time flop article on the same topic . But as I say, I am a lady, so I cannot keep shut up for a long time.



  1. At first I thought “well this can’t apply to all relations I mean every case is diffirent”. But I do have to hand it to you, one of my past relations did end because she was suffocating me. Girl made my back in the day brand new smart phone crash because of how many txt’s she would send me a day! I’d never want to fake it, but I’m guilty of not allowing myself some me time…humans are magnificent beeings but holy crap finding a stable relationship seems to be juuust a bit on the edge of our capacities…

  2. Stable relationships are hard to find, no doubt. I think people should set boundaries and stick to them. Even in the start of the relationship when you are seeing your beloved everywhere and you just feel incomplete without her/him, you should force yourself to spend some time without them. Everyone needs some quality time ‘alone’.
    I can explain why ladies behave like they are attached with their man with some kind of super glue. They are designed to give. And when their men start getting sick of too much sweetness they become confused. In confusion they think, “I should love him more! I should care more! He will never leave me, if I will be the sweetest person around.” They never think’ how-much-is-too-much’, until the relationship go in ‘ danger zone’. .

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