Offended by Harsh Reality

While the tittle provokes me to write about ‘how the harshness of reality effects minds’ or ‘bitter realities of life’, I really want to stick to what I wanted to write at first place. I want to free my mind from the harshness of realities.
Well, I guarantee that no one will get offended by this post.
I am a follower of Harsh Reality.
OM, the writer writes so well. The best quality that attracts me the most is; he keeps reader engaged from the first line of the post till the end. I ( who love to read to take away something knowledgeable from every piece of writing) ended up reading OM’s posts that are merely some posts addressing to some of his readers or ‘ex-followers’.
For people or (his haters?) who are thinking that it is some kind of publicity for HR, I want to say that he does not know that someone on the other side of the globe is writing about his blog. So, I want to make it clear that neither I am getting dollars in return nor any followers because I highly doubt this post to get noticed by the busy blogger.
While the purpose of the blog is to offend everyone at least once on the blog, the place is a perfect example of how to win the heart of the reader back. The blogger sometimes address people who want to unfollow the blog, but I wonder how they get so much offended by mere humor and light fun posts.
I was once under the HR’s ‘indirectly direct’ offense attack when the writer asked on his post who is following HR from Pakistan as the stats showed a dramatic rise in the views from this country. There was note saying that he is into some martial arts. So, I literally blushed when I read the post because, believe me, I was the one who had been insanely clicking on nearly each and every HR post for a few days. I commented on the post ‘5% offended- 95% embarrassed’. Being the one from purely educational background (University Lecturer), the recipe of Pakistan plus martial art (fight) thing was perfect to offend me. But again, I know how people feel about the people from my country. So the feeling faded away soon and I was again reading HR after a day or two. And here I am writing this story (actually completing it. It was in my drafts).



  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    It is good to read that SOME people have a sense of humor… even when I speak about their country. I wonder how the North Koreans and Chinese feel about me…
    Thanks for the kind write-up and for making the effort to understand my blog. -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their post.

    1. Thank you for the reblog. Cant say anything about Koreans, but at least Chinese should have a sense of humor. They are our friends because they give us aid (lol) in return they must have taken some sense of humor from Pakistanis.
      Note: Please, stick to the sense of humor from educated Pakistanis, you won’t like the Urdu versions of name-calling or the cheap TV comedy humor.

      1. um I don’t know. But they always look like they are smiling. Maybe, we Pakistanis have bigger eyes so I am mistaken because of facial features 😉

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