Fight or Flight: Adrenaline Rush

Is it some medical blog? No! I cannot recognize any kidneys if they mingle with lungs. So, why I am writing this post? I calm my adrenaline glands through blogging. Those two freaked-out glands-ies are working way too much nowadays. So, I thought, why not tell the world what these little weird looking squishies can do.
Adrenaline glands are located on the top of our kidneys (I know for sure they are kidneys, googled it). The hormone produced here is very powerful and intense. Suppose, if it is sugar then the 5 millionth particle of it is enough to sweeten a regular size of soda-can! It is produced under a stressful situation, even if the situation is not real. For example, during watching a movie.
Adrenaline takes us into the fight-or-flight mood. While many just run away, others …fight!. The reactions depends upon the assessment of the fearful situation by our brain. If we can fight it off, we fight and if we feel weak then we try to leave the situation.
We feel so much strength and energy when due to any reason adrenaline is produced. Our breathing and heart beat increase. We do not feel pain and can do work more than our normal capacity. While it sounds great. The bad news is; it is not always great.
Too much of the hormone is dangerous for us. It can cause abnormal heart palpitations, and memory-loss problems, breathing discomfort.
What I am really worried about is the memory thing. You can forget small things easily. You repeat a lot when you talk. I sometimes tell stories to my sister that I have told many times before. You gotta see my enthusiastic expressions for the n-th time 😀
Well, the coping mechanism is to calm yourself down. And let the hormonal reaction do its work. I have heard that if you do not do any physical activities the adrenaline rush can cause jitters. People shake! I do not want to sit and tremble because of no reason so I keep going and do many random activities. That is what I will suggest you. If you are experiencing something like that get yourself busy. If it is too much then contact your doctor. If you are having abnormal heart palpitations then the prescribed medicine can cause sore throat. If it happens do not just drink lemon tea, go to your doc.
Now, I am taking flight back to my WordPress reader.


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