9 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

There come times when everything around you is so disturbing. Everyone seems your enemy. Everyone is getting on your nerves. What can you do for yourself at these troublesome times in your life? Do not worry. Here is a set of 10 golden rules.
1. Ring the neighbor’s doorbell and run! Fast!
2. Stand in middle of a road, look up and yell, “Asteroids!” and run!
3. Sit in front of a mirror and make faces.
4. Sing your own opera style song.
5. Do the dance. Choreograph something solely for you.
6. Apply a face pack and go on a walk.
7. Follow someone in a mart and keep emptying their trolley, until they notice, off course. Run the second they know.
8. Paint a park bench and let people join you to sit. The moment they sit. Run!
9. Most of the methods involve ‘running’, so you can just go out, look at someone’s face, stare, keep staring and run fast yelling, “Zombie Attack!”



  1. Another addition to your list is to get into a water fight with your parents! I am a grown up woman but last weekend an innocent family dinner turned into a huge water fight with my mom, dad and husband. First time I have really laughed in awhile!

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