Everything You Can Imagine Exists

Think about every strange place you can imagine. Picture in your mind every strange happening or anyone or anything that you think cannot be real. Now let me tell you one thing; all that you imagine was not only a piece of your wild imagination, but it also exist somewhere in the universe. Humans do not make thoughts they catch them from somewhere out there. We are mere receptors of thoughts and emitters of the same thoughts that we have received.
Whatever, you dream, exists. Yes, even if you dream of yourself flying. You are capable of flying and a part of you fly. Think of yourself as a being who have the power to transform. The part of yourself that you saw was flying, it flies. You catch a glimpse of yourself flying and transfer it to the form you are aware of at this moment. Sometimes you remember it and sometimes you forget it.
If you thought about some creature half man-half chicken, it, too, exists. It is existing somewhere in time and space right in this very moment too.
How illogical or absurd it feels! It is my theory. I believe in it.
Many who clicked it to read will think like there is a monkey somewhere maintaining a blog. I would like to say that you are mixing up two things. The thought you had about my blog and a blogger monkey. Good news is; a blogger monkey is also writing a blog post somewhere in time and space. I, I am human. Proof? First, prove that you are not a robot 😀


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