When Scared becomes Sacred.

Dancing with the music that everyone hears but not everyone listens. This connection is a blessing. Want to run away detaching every single contact with everything else. Take me away with you O my true self! Someone is calling me out loud in silence. A hand is spread wide in the whole sky. That’s how I fell … did you see? Yes, I fell on my knees but my heart bleed. wow! And then I saw in the reflection of the mud the blue sky and the extended hand. People will know. Everyone who have to know will know. God is calling me. I have to go risky. I have to fall. I have to open myself up for everything I am truly scared of. Scared becomes sacred when shuffled. Wow! Is he communicating with me? Or I have gone mad. I wanted to be mad. WowW just wow!
When there was nothing he was here and there and everywhere. Why he cannot fill the gap in myself. He can.


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