What is it with Unconditional Love

Unconditional love, warmth, glow in eyes, radiant faces and devotion; this can spread smile of satisfaction on your lips and a calmness in your heart but it is NONSENSE! Really. Love is a fantasy created by some French theatre artists. People loved to watch their plays about this hypothetical concept and they started liking it. Slowly, it became norm.

But Hello!!! It does not exist. If you have ever given someone that unconditional love you must be well aware of the heartache it causes.

It disturbs hearts, distresses brains, and stomach. I am sure people were not aware of the heartburn, acid refluxes and nausea before this French concept of… NO!!!! not French fries!!! I am talking about love here and your mind was wandering in the kitchen? Go and make those freaking potato chips. Eat, pray but DONT love.



  1. Me thinks thee doth protest too much. Besides, romantic love can never be unconditional love, which is of the Divine. Still, romantic love can be very sweet…until it gives you heartburn, of course, Good luck and a big hug coming your way, pat

    1. You think right. Many of the times, we feel like little babies, complaining too much. These phases are somewhat like glitches.
      When we meet (read) people, we come to know many things. You made it quite clear with your comment.
      Unconditional love= Divine love
      Romantic love= can-be-sweet until gets sour 🙂
      Ultimately, we all are slaves to the Divine love which sets us free.
      Thank you for stopping by.

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