Why I hate OM (Harsh Reality blogger)

1. I have been following this blog ( http://aopinionatedman.com/) for a very long time and I am a blogger for much longer time. I have seen a rapid growth in Harsh Reality’s “follow-ship” I have noticed the ongoing tremendous increase in the number of followers. It is the first reason of me hating OM. Why don’t I have such a number of followers?

2. The followers I talked about in the first point are not “mere followers” who clicked the “follow button” and sleeps for years or forgets that some freak write for them in his/her blog almost DAILY. Most of the Harsh Reality’s followers (I think nearly all of them ) are fans of OM. I am one those urgh! And I HATE it! I HATE to love to read HR’s posts.

3. The third and equally huge reason of my hatred is the number of haters OM has. Now, we don’t have any stats on the site stating the exact number of haters that site has, but OM frequently addresses the people who hate him. Being said that here, I mean, how come he has more haters then  the total number of my followers! And I HATE it!!!!

4. I generally hate “me-posts” and I am genuinely not interested in anyone’s day or family or how an anniversary went etc. BUT I found myself reading the posts about his routine life and children etc. I love to read these posts on HR and guess what I HATE to love those.

5.  Last but not the least, I am also a writer. English is my second language (so what? If I want to make my writing grammatically error free I re-check it) Why is he a better writer than me? Where he gets the easy flow in his writings from? I am kinda fan of this flawless free-flowing writing and I myself have written another whole post about the blog (https://baadseher.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/offended-by-harsh-reality/).

Note: Here I wanted to take it our of my heart and clean it. But I doubt this post declaring my hatred clearly. It more like a confession that I am a stronger fan.



      1. I never make judgement, well hardly unless it is total stupidity…just wondered what your point was in posting it. Hate is pointless and serves no purpose other than to eat away at the soul of he/she who espouses it.

      2. Hey! I was just messing up with you. lol Don’t take that seriously. Actually there was no point in posting that except to express my admiration for the blog.

  1. I think the best is to be less opinionated about the world (even the OM). Even though your writings were meant ironically about a certain blogger, it is still quite opinionated. Irony is the most opinionated statement there is if it is not used as a tool to seek out truths in dialogs…The more free from opinions, the more truth(s) you will see….

    Opinions and truths are not the same thing. Event though you are honest about your opinions or meanings, it still doesn´t meant that you are telling the truth…

    From lilli, who also has English just as a second language, who therefore don´t care that much about spellings (only spelling-nazi´s does that anyways) . Norwegian is my main language.

    1. I agree with what you have said. Actually, I just wrote this post, not thinking deeply about it. The blogger I discussed here, he is a fun loving person and I he liked the post.

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