I tried, I tried to encapsulate my soul. To put it all in a chest and burry somewhere far..far away where any eye could not reach it. But it rose again in my heart as it was buried there not anywhere else. It was I who was running away from my own self.

What the hell I was thinking when I gave myself away to the tornadoes? Why did I not take my own responsibility? Why I jumped off the cliff?

But now, when the wild wind has thrown me on the stony mountains, my head has struck to a rock and I am bleeding. I have become fierce. I am ready to kick the world’s ass! And as I am already out. I am free.

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    1. That soul is travelling to find its path. The bridge is dangling between two extremes. The soul knows there is no one to help. All help themselves. Praying for the bridge ends to remain fastened with the poles of faith and believe. Alas! they are not as strong as they should be. Praying to cross over and reach the destination safely.
      It was some info regarding whereabouts of the soul.

      1. Good news. You are never alone. We are all part of a Divine Matrix, each soul connected to others, both on Earth and in spirit.Those who seek, who have the intent to learn to feel these connections, will be shown the way. Start by listening to your inner voice, your intuition. Trust it, let it guide you for it is never wrong. Just keep going knowing you are guided and loved at all times…yes, even when you feel alone and in the darkness. You are already “there”. Relax and be at peace. hugs, pat

      2. I have read your comment about 4 to 5 times since yesterday. You made me think. And by thinking I mean ” a lot of thinking”.
        The inner voice is probably not coming to me. It seems like it is toned down because of all the noise of fear. Is it difficult to recognize the inner voice and differentiate it from fear?
        You said, I am loved and guided all the time. I have tears in my eyes. Your words are comforting. I knew that I am loved and guided . All I have been doing is trying to believe in it and have faith in it.

  1. Dearest One, trusting your intuition gets easier with practice. Be quiet, ask the question and pay attention to what thoughts come. Sometimes the response is not what I expected at all, sometimes, it is something I do not want to do. But it always is correct in the long run. One way to get more comfortable with following your intuition is to pay attention to serendipities in your life, coincidences, too, for this is one way that Source communicates with us. As for fear, it is something we all have to manage at times. Sometimes you just have to sit with it a bit, recognize it, and then go ahead and do whatever you are afraid of, inspite of the fear.

    And yes, you are loved and guided, even when you feel ugly and rebellious. Think of yourself as a three-year old baby who we love even when he is being a brat. Nothing you can do will even change the unconditional love of Source. You are from Source, at a soul level, perfect in every way. big, big, hugs, pat

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