Wireless Connection To The Divine and The Broken Device

Before going all “Divine-ion” (pardon me for coining this word if there is a already a word for it) lets talk about our communications system first. Don’t worry I am not a science freak. These are only a few lines about it.

We started with snail mails and going through a very complex and huge structured systems now we communicate through very intelligent wireless communication systems. Well, it is for us, the common people. Who knows how advance the technology has become? The great minds alive must be using some other high technological systems and advancing even more. When the creatures’ invention is so powerful, imagine, how powerful can be the Creator’s communication system?

It is a no-brainer, actually.

The system should be far more strong than our systems. With more than zillion connections, the signals never get weakened anywhere. Perfect! With many uploads and downloads and sharing, it just keep working all the time without even a single connection getting out of order or something. The signals are everywhere and they are pretty strong indeed.

Why do I feel disconnected then?

There is only one answer that pops up when I think about the disconnection. There is something wrong with the device, the receptor. The system can never go wrong even for a single link. I need to check my device and ask the Provider to help me fix it. The system has already detect the broken link. Help will arrive soon.

Okay, so mine is not working properly. Have you checked yours? Have you asked for help?

Ask for help. The help line works all the time! Believe me.


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